****Updated September 9th, 2019****

As a result of a court order, the Montana Public Service Commission re-voted on Aug. 20th and have decided to deny our Class D permit to haul waste in Missoula County. We are obviously very disappointed in this result. We are going to look at all of our options. The people of Missoula deserve to have a choice for their garbage service, and we will continue to work towards providing that choice.

PSC Commissioner Koopman disagrees in Missoula garbage service case

Sometimes the job of a commissioner requires as much moral courage as it does deliberative and sound judgment. In this matter, the Montana Public Service Commission's decision was devoid of both.

Let there be no misunderstanding. The bully on the block (Republic Services), exercising its legal rights, has succeeded in knocking out not only its opponent, but also the referee. Its opponent - L&L Site Services - had the moral courage to stand up to the multi-billion-dollar behemoth. The referee - the Montana PSC - did not.

The evidentiary record in this latest round of Jack Dempsey vs. The Gecko was essentially the same as in the previous round, when the commission, in Order No. 7594c, wisely reconsidered its earlier rejection of the L&L application for Missoula County, and granted them the authority to compete there with Republic Services.....